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Consulting Astrologer


Belinda (Johannesburg)

I am an extremely skeptical person and am selective about whom I chat with. I saw you on the tv show and when I heard you speak about your passion I thought to make contact with you. What a pleasant surprise! If I were to sum up my experience with you, I would call you my “3G” connection which translates to gifted, genuine and my guardian angel. They also say things happen for a reason and at the right time and I am just grateful to have come in contact with you. Thank you for your kind and warm approach it’s an absolute pleasure dealing with you.
Will definitely be back!

Stephanie (Pretoria)

Thank you so much. This has really been a breakthrough for me.

Tsholo (Johannesburg)

Bless your beautiful heart Nedret for such a wonderful session. I honestly learned a lot about myself. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Charmaine (Johannesburg)

I cannot begin to explain the shift that has started happening since the reading yesterday.

The biggest take away that will stay with me forever, because this is something I have struggled with my whole life, is to not allow other people to project their ideas of who I am and what I should be and rather define that for myself. I’ve always struggled with comparing myself, what I do, where I’m going in my life with other people within my social network and instead of being great at using my own talents & skills I’ve actually spent a lot of energy chasing other people’s dreams in the hope that I would find fulfilment there. This session has given me a lot of peace and has helped to bring up those beautiful natural characteristics and abilities I’ve always had that I’ve taken for granted. Thank you so much for your help Nedret. I think divine timing was at play when I found you and I cannot wait to book my next reading. Keep doing this great work. You are a blessing!

Sants (Vaal Triangle)

Hi Nedret,

I stand humbled this morning. This is one of the most important things I’ve ever done for myself.
The accuracy of your reading… There were moments while listening in bed that my instinct was to turn it off, to stop listening. I slept like a log afterwards.

First of all, as far as career goes, I didn’t say a word about it and still you felt you had to mention it. Yes, I’m looking for a teaching post that suits me. I am also deciding what course I want to start with…yes, you’re spot on. I’m looking at either teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) or training in Randburg as a reading therapist for children and adults. Your reading has confirmed this for me.

Secondly, my travel plans for next year. I got goosebumps. How did you know that? I’m deciding between doing an MSC cruise on the Synfonia to the Portuguese Islands or the Canary Islands/Spain or going to the Maldives where my husband and I were planning on going for our 10th anniversary this year October. There is no way you could’ve known that. Again, your reading confirmed that for me.

Thank you. I can’t say any more than that.

Bibi (Johannesburg)

Nedret, You were so spot with so many things. Amazing!

Blaze (Johannesburg)

Nedret has an amazing gift. I found our session very insightful and can take a lot away from it.

Michelle (Johannesburg)

Thanks for an amazing session Nedret! It was insightful and on point.

Nat (Johannesburg)

Thank you so much for chatting to me tonight. I feel like a weight has been lifted although I know I still need to do a lot of work to get to the place I need to be. You have given me peace though, and for that I am truly grateful. You’re an angel… Thank you.

Pierre (Eastern Cape)

Thank you the wonderful consultation! You answered so many of my questions and I am very impressed with your services.

Dee (Johannesburg)

You explained everything so well and helped me understand what I needed to know. You also allowed me the opportunity to ask questions and get clarity, so thank you very much indeed. I greatly appreciate your time and help.

Nikki (Johannesburg)

I thoroughly enjoyed it and found enormous value in the session, you are really knowledegable and have a wonderful way of explaining it to me, so thank you very very much.

Jacky (Johannesburg)

Thank you for the great session, it was incredible and I will be setting up annual appointments with you for sure.

Balebetse (Johannesburg)

I had a very peaceful rest after the consultation last night after struggling for a week from insomnia and distress.

[3 days later:]
Guess what you will not believe this your predictions were right about letting go. My ex, my sons father got married this weekend.

Cindy (Johannesburg)

I appreciate this very much. I really enjoyed the consultation, it was in-depth and very relevant to my life, from the past to now, and what is coming.

Eva (Pretoria)

I was calling you to just update you on what’s happening as per my reading… Ha ha ha, it’s so spot on, it’s scary. Hope you got your popcorn ready…:)

Andre (Pretoria)

You have no idea how life changing your reading was for me.

Collette (Pretoria)

I would advice anyone to book a session with Nedret. She is professional in what she does and very accurate in her interpretation. I wish I had sessions with her 10 years ago! This is money well spend.

Annie (Pretoria)

Wonderful session yesterday- thanks! Slept like an angel on fluffy clouds last night.

Ian (Johannesburg)

I’m blown away by the accuracy of your interpretation.

Regine (Johannesburg)

Nedret is terrific, thorough and interactive and a bonus to have at any [corporate] wellness day. I thought the positive feedback encourages companies to make use of her great services… She really was there at just the right time – I am brimming! Thank you!

Carol (Pretoria)

Hi Nedret

I listened to my astro tape again recently and its amazing how accurate the first half of 2014 has been.

Roshana (Pretoria)

Your services  were worth every cent and I believe I got the better deal between the two of us.

Devash (Buccleuch, Johannesburg)

October has been a rollercoaster of emotions and life changing events – true to your reading of my chart.  I wish I had heeded your warnings earlier to find a stress coping mechanism.

When I came to see you a while back, one of the key things you told me to watch out for was an important relationship ending in October however I would see a new one blossoming.  At the time I told you I had a suspicion that it was my work as I was on the market for a new job. What I did not expect was the end of my 9yr relationship with my first love – Frankie, my beloved feline companion who passed on 9 October.  Even though it was expected, it was not and never did I think it would have been him. I focussed on work and people and not my personal impact.  Now the scary thing is, on 14 Oct, a mere 5 days later of my loss, I was offered a stunning job at a bigger and more successful company.  I start on my new journey from 2 December.

I cannot express how grateful I am to have been assisted by you in helping me be guided onto my new path – it now feels right.  I am still sad at losing Frankie, but excited to face my new lease on life and start living again – THANK YOU!

Sam (Pretoria)

Dear Nedret, thank you so much for the reading you did for me. I have always been skeptical of “fortune-tellers” or people that claimed to be able to know what will happen in the future but i can honestly say that your scientific method of discerning what was going to happen in my life has really shook me to the core. Everything you have predicted, advised and warned of, has become a reality and i really am walking the path that was pre-ordained. I am so thankful that you opened my eyes to certain possibilities as it allowed me to broaden my thinking and accept that some things are meant to be. My career has taken of, im in a job that is so much more fulfilling with colleagues that appreciate and acknowledge my contribution. You even correctly predicted the aspect about relationships. I don’t know how you do it, but it is definitely a gift and you are definitely easing the path for many that require illumination. Thank you so much!

Gerrit (Bloemfontein, SA)

I must confess that the 2011’s pointers you gave me, were really spot on! It helped me so much in making sense of things and being prepared for the ups and downs of the year. One of the highlights was the “contracts to be signed in October” you mentioned, which came true when my fiancée and I had our wedding.

Alex (Pretoria, South Africa)

My session with Nedret was a truly wonderful experience and it was way overdue. Or maybe, it was right on time…

Duncan Stork (Johannesburg)

I now realise, as I write this passage, that all the questions I had asked of myself, and other people had asked of me, can be combined into only two questions:

“Who I am?”, and

“Why am I on this planet”?

The day you feel the need to begin answering these questions, is the day you call Nedret.

Ada (Pretoria, South Africa)

Thank you for the super reading your did for me, Nedret. You are such a lovely warm spirit and I felt so welcome in your presence.

Faan (Pretoria, South Africa)

I should have had this consultation 30 years ago! This knowledge would have helped to cut out a lot of heartache and trouble, and made my journey so much more enjoyable!

Judi (Johannesburg, South Africa)

The consultation with Nedret was a guiding light and a confirmation of my own intuition on my journey in life. The information was presented in an extremely practical manner, enabling me to make life changing decisions with far more trust and confidence. I will certainly make use of this way of guidance on a regular basis in my life.

Midiane (Johannesburg, South Africa)

You could say that my experience with an astrology consultation revolved around verbs. I was fascinated that there lied an intricate science and system of knowledge that could explain the past, present, and future of my life. Then, I was pleasantly reassured that all the instinctual drives I’ve had about my life were actually correct… and that I’m on the right track. Finally, I was delighted that I could even get some real principles and guidelines that I could apply. Being a former cynic, you could say that I do a lot more believing now. Thanks Nedret, phenomenal session… and still applying the findings.