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Consulting Astrologer

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Astrology and where does it come from?

In very brief terms, Astrology is the oldest body of knowledge on the planets and originated several millennia ago in the plains of Chaldea (Mesopotamia). The nightly movement of the starry configurations which changed as the year progressed, helped the Childeans to time, and thus predict, the seasonal changes that occurred on earth. Thus it was natural to postulate some sort of correspondence between celestial phenomena and terrestrial events.

What is the point of Astrology?

Astrology provides insights that empower the individual to make the right choices. Inexplicable patterns or unconscious drives may be understood, embraced and transformed into constructive applications. Hidden potential may be uncovered.

What are the differences between a natal chart and a predictive chart?

The natal chart is the horoscope (from the Greek horo, meaning hour and skopus meaning watcher) that was recorded at birth, and it remains the blueprint of the person’s potential throughout their life. The predictive work deals with analysing the current/future sky and the relationship it makes with the natal chart. This relationship manifests in events, or internal shifts that influence the person’s life.

Are Astrology and Astronomy the same thing and if not what is the difference?

No, they are different.

The Astrology that is practiced by Nedret is based on the tropical zodiac, i.e. on the seasons, where the 1st day of Spring is the beginning of the zodiac. It is a symbolic representation of the sky that has been adopted by the humanity “psyche” over thousands of years, and is slightly different from current sky.

Astronomy deals with the physics of the sky – composition, density, distances, etc.

What are the requirements for having one’s chart drawn up?

Please see the info on About the session.

Does one’s natal chart stay the same for ever or can it change as time goes by?

The natal chart remains the same throughout life. However, each chart contains a “range of motion”, a best-case expression versus most challenging expression. Those expressions do tend to change over time and the more conscious the individual is, the more they bring the chart to manifest in best-case expression.

Does it undermine my religion?

No. The chart may even point out the need for religion or spirituality.

Will Astrology give me the winning lottery ticket?

No. However, it may indicate times when there is the possibility of winfall, in which case the individual may decide to purchase lottery tickets in order to welcome this possibility.