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Consulting Astrologer

Relationship Compatibility Astrology

This session analyses the dynamics between people. When two people meet, they bring their individual charts to the relationship, but at the same time, a new entity, a “composite” chart starts to manifest. That chart carries its own characteristics and responds to transits (current planetary aspects) – just like an individual chart would do.

The relationship can be:

  • Intimate (couples)
  • Family (parent-child, siblings, etc.)
  • Business (colleagues or employee and organization)

Here are some insights that can be gained from this session:

  • Do the individuals like, see and hear each other on a daily basis?
  • Do they have room to grow in the relationship?
  • What are the predominant themes and where are the “buttons” that are pushed?
  • Is there emotional satisfaction? Do they like to spend time together, or apart?
  • Is there generational compatibility? E.g. one is concerned about preserving the environment, while the other does not care.
  • Is there a “sense of knowing”, a deep connection between the people?
  • Is there “productivity”? In the case of an intimate couple, this could mean bringing children into the world. In other cases it could be about working together, or addressing joint issues or projects together.

In addition, this session looks at the current aspects that the composite chart is dealing with, i.e. predictive work is incorporated.

Note: Personal presence or written permission is required from the individuals involved.

Duration: 75 minutes

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