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Consulting Astrologer

Electional Astrology

Planning an event? Getting married? Launching a business?

Although there is no “perfect time” for any event, there are times which are considered auspicious and can help turn the endeavor into success.

The longer the window of possibility of “launching” the event, the better. For example, when planning a wedding, it is better to provide 3 months period, rather than 3 weeks, so that the Astrologer can offer a couple of options within that period. Often the choice of chart is based on the needs and the values of the couple. So while one chart may be more favorable for starting a traditional family, another one may offer the opportunity for doing business as a couple, or yet another – allowing the couple to pursue sports, or travel, or a spiritual journey together.

So this process is guided by the values and the objectives of the individual(s) involved.

Duration: 45 minutes

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