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Consulting Astrologer

Natal Chart Delineation

This interpretation deals with the blueprint of the natal chart (the horoscope), analyzing the various areas of the individual’s life. It provides insight into the sub-personalities that may be in accord or discord to each other and the different expressions of those sub-personalities. The objective is to move towards the most positive and empowering expression of these personal traits and unfold the potential that the chart offers.

Points analysed during the session:

  1. The way we are seen by others (the rising sign) and how this differs from our identity (the Sun sign). The rising sign can be one of the main contributing factors to divorce, as it represents the mask we wear in the world. That mask may be very different to our inner sense of self.
  2. The primary drive and motivation of the chart – that which the individual strives to achieve though their actions – consciously or unconsciously.
  3. Identity / father-figure issues (Sun and Saturn) – strong, healthy relationship with father implies a strong identity and sense of self. Challenging relationships offer opportunities for personal growth – when appropriately addressed.
  4. Nurturing / caring / mother-figure /parenting abilities (Moon and Venus) – analyses the relationship with the mother (starting from birth), how the person achieves emotional fulfillment, and more.
  5. Networking and relating (Venus) – are we cut out for a traditional relationship in our personal life? Or something more alternative? How do we deal with business partners?
  6. Thinking and communication (Mercury).
  7. Motivation and drive (Mars) – what makes us jump out of bed in the morning? What puts petrol in our tank?
  8. Growth and expansion (Jupiter).
  9. Structure, solidity and recognition…or restriction, suppression and issues of control (Saturn).
  10. Our life-path and the journey to our personal fulfillment (The Nodes of the Moon).

Upon request, additional aspects that may be addressed are:

  •  Profession, purpose, talents, gifts and abilities.
  • Spiritual life purpose.

Duration: 45 minutes

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