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Consulting Astrologer

Children’s Astrology

This session is meant to assist parents in gaining a better understanding of their child’s character and behavior.

Points analysed:

  1. The child’s attitude towards the environment and the home
  2. Attitude towards parents, siblings and grandparents
  3. Emotional needs
  4. Early learning
  5. Health
  6. Inner fears
  7. Attitude towards friends and groups
  8. Talents, gifts, abilities and professional inclinations
  9. Discover the types of gifts the child would need and enjoy

In addition, if you would like to understand the current period the child is going through, read more about Predictive Astrology. Apart from being equipped to assist the child in moving through a a challenging period, it could also help identify the times when outside counseling may be helpful.

Duration: 45 minutes

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