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Consulting Astrologer

Consultation types

If you’re questioning astrology and its worth – why not explore the many offerings in understanding your relationships, your life paths, to making informed business decisions. Here’s to embracing this science of wonder – let me help you on your journey of discovery…

There are many offerings available, like understanding your unique potential or understanding your child’s potential.

But with 10 planets, 12 zodiac signs and 12 astrological houses nothing in the sky remains static, and the ever-changing relationship between our birth chart and the current sky continuously unfolds our journey. Insights into the challenging periods of time is what predictive astrology deals with.

Despite that which is given, choice is ever present. Electional astrology offers the opportunity to establish when is a favourable time to begin something new. It is all about choosing that symbolic representation of the sky that remains with that event throughout its duration.

This is where corporate astrology can assist with timing the launch of a new business, or starting new projects.

Ever wonder why you are drawn to some geographical locations in the world, and repulsed by others? It is likely that your chart, when “placed” on that location, shifts its dynamics and alters who you are in that place. Relocation astrology can advise on a move for business, pleasure or residence.

And what about our relationships? For personal relationships read more about relationship astrology, or when recruiting employees for your business, refer to corporate astrology.