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Oscar Pistorius Trial 2014

What’s written in the stars for Oscar – Article requested by You Magazine.

Born: 22 November 1986, 10:30 am in Pretoria. (Birth data source: Astrodienst)

Article written in March 2014.

Not surprisingly, the main theme for the month of March in Pistorius’s Astrology chart is the dealing with burdensome paperwork, heavy legal and administrative matters, and a time of being subject to serious decisions (Mercury conjunct Saturn by progression, as well as Solar Arc). This is a process that is emotionally challenging (progressed Moon conjunct Moon, transiting Pluto entering 12th house) and brings a change that is fraught with confusion and loss (Progressed Moon quincunx Neptune).

There is a possibility that the trial does not reach a conclusion during the month of March (Solar Arc Sun sextile Mars, Mercury/Sun firdaria starting on 6th March, Pluto sextile Mercury and Jupiter, transiting Mars retrograding in the 9th) and Pistorius is given a short time of respite (Solar Arc Sun sextile Mars).

However, if the process gets delayed until June and spills into the second half of the year (Jupiter in the 7th, progressed Moon in the 7th, Solar Arc Venus trine Moon), things will not go his way and one slow building frustration is followed by another (Progressed Sun semi-square Asc followed by Progressed Sun semi-square Mercury in October).

It is likely that by December there is a committal (Progressed Moon crossing the DSC, modern ruler of the Sun moving into the 12th), which will bring the forcible or accepting wearing of responsibility and will have a deeply sobering (Saturn conjunct Sun) and emotional effect (Solar Arc Neptune opposition Moon). In turn this would result in a deep sense of loneliness, isolation and the realization of self-undoing that will take many years to heal and transform – on a personal level, as well as in the eye of the public (Pluto transiting 12th, progressed Pluto conjunct MC, progressed Venus in detriment in the 10th).


Outcome: Pistorius was sentenced to 5-years in jail on 21 October 2014.